WrecklessArt: 1 Year Anniversary

16 Apr

It has been a while since I’ve posted on my blog. I chose to wait until today to write to you all because I felt like it was the right time. I must say I have missed keeping you all informed on the daily entertainment. I want to share this moment because today is a very special day to me that was made possible by all WrecklessArt’s subscribers, visitors and viewers. I embarked on this blog journey a year ago just wanting to write and share as freely as I could. The desire to inspire others and introduce them to a world I love and admire. Never realizing the effect it would have on my life or opportunities that it would bring about. I pursued a passion I held dear to me, which ultimately changed my course of life to seek my masters in media journalism instead of business, opened my mind to more career choices, while still allowing me to enjoy and love what I do. I thought the risk that I took to get where I am now was something but the choices I have made now are even greater risks than before. I am inspired, encouraged and overwhelmed with the responses I receive from others whom reach out to me. I started off wanting to give to others not realizing that I was going to be the one to receive. Thank you to all those who stand beside me, push me forward even when I’m unsure, inspire me, encourage, teach/mentor me, provide their positive words and constructive criticism. You believing in me polishes this diamond to glisten through all adversities leaving me flawless at all times.

With that I would like you all to continue to be apart of this journey with me as I elevate into new ventures. So if you are subscribed to WrecklessArt, just passing through and like what you see or whatever please join me on my new website:


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Happy 1 Year Anniversary WrecklessArt!


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