Wreckless Inspiration

12 Jan
Screen Shot 2013-01-12 at 3.11.14 PM

Taren Guy Instagram

My latest inspiration is inspired by Youtube vloggerentrepreneur, media personality and founder of  Faces of Autism Taren Guy. I was flowing through the pictures on my instagram timeline yesterday at I came across the one above that Taren posted. It stuck out to me. It’s not the first time I’ve every read a quote like this but it really hit home I think because of the day I had. She shared this so I wanted to pass it on. It was as if I was looking out of a dirty window that this quote helped me see clear through. If you’re doing something that makes you unhappy or your just unhappy with a situation, change it. I agree life is entirely too short to stay in unhappy moments. Life is given to enjoy and be merry. Channel your positive energy and surround yourself with those who posses that same positivity.

Thanks Taren Guy for this Wreckless inspiration!

Taren's caption for the quote

You can check Taren out via

Taren Guy Website






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