Wreckless Inspiration: Happy New Year 2013!

1 Jan

“2013 is simply a new year and the next phase!”

Happy New Year to all! I hope everyone brought their new year in fun, safe and with your love ones. I see a lot of people talking about what their new year resolutions are but personally I don’t make new years resolutions anymore. Most of the time people make them and they usually don’t stick to them for whatever reasons. In 2012, I made the choice to put in motion some goals that I dreamt of such as this blog and it has grown far beyond what I imagined. With that being said I wanted to share my insight with you for this year. I am declaring 2013 as Lucky ’13 the Year of Riley. I’m going to continue to push through and elevate to the next level with the goals I got the ball rolling with in 2012. Last year was about setting plans into motion this year it will be all about executing them. I have so much in store for this year and I cannot wait to fully pursue each one of my goals and share them with you all. I say no matter what this year has in store the good, bad, stressful times or happy times I am going to love every moment of life. I recommend you all to do the same. Have an awesome, prosperous, and healthy Lucky ’13!


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