Wreckless Inspiration

10 Dec


Be wary of the company you keep


Most people have goals to reach a dream. Sadly many people get deterred from those goals and forget they once dreamt of more. They tend to get comfortable and content with the position their in. For more reasons than one. The very thing a person wants could be the same reason they stray away from it because fear of failure or even the fear of success. Be mindful of the company you keep in your presence, they will only do two things, contribute towards your success or become your downfall. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals. You cant expect to go places if you’re in an environment with no motivation. Many people who have no destination feed off of your disappointments and silently watch and wish for you to fail. Never give up. People will say no and you will have moments when you feel as if you’ve failed. That will only teach you what you didn’t know and help make you better and wiser. It will give you the skills to strategically make the right moves next time. If you’re on that path to what your success is you can’t always take everyone with you. It takes a profound amount of sacrifice, which will be more difficult than you may start out thinking, in order to make those dreams your everyday reality. Sometimes you may feel alone or even giving up but if you truly believe in yourself, which has to come first, you have to believe in you before anyone else will. That has to be a priority. Than that dream can come into full fruition. In the process of doing all of those things you have to be willing to weed through those in your garden and cut them out or they’ll kill your blossom.



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