Kanye West-White Dress

12 Oct

The full track of Ye’s White Dress” is flowing all around the internet as you’re reading this right now. The song is for the movie The Man With The Iron Fist soundtrack starring Wu-Tang Clan rapper RZA. The track was produced by RZA, Kanye West along with Tapez and Boogz. The soundtrack will be in stores Oct. 23rd with features from Pusha T, Wu-Tang Clan, The Black Keys and The Revelations. Love the instrumental used for this track, of course Yeezy flow is always tight over a dope beat and an instrumental.

“…See, she knew about all my lies the whole time
Now my credit so bad I can’t get no one to co-sign
I woulda thought she woulda busted a dope crime
But she up and left a nigga and she aint give me no sign
Now she back in the club in a tight dress
With dreams of someday wearing a white dress
Seen with some lame, it’s a miracle that she’a talk to a nigga
with a ten year ago swag
Plus I don’t like none of her girlfriends
Quote unquote cause her girlfriends got girlfriends…”

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