Wreckless Inspiration

26 Sep


There are very important things I want to leave this world knowing but overall it is that I was here…Yes! just like the Beyonce song. Two things I want to know is I will be missed and that I was loved. I also want to leave behind to those who’s lives I’ve touched and will touch in this world is that I cared and loved the best way I knew how. I believe it’s more important to leave something of substance verses material. Materials will fade away but the comfort of knowing the positive emotions that someone felt and was laid to rest with is way more rewarding to me because it gives comfort and it is something that you can have for a lifetime. No one can ever take that from you, it can never be lost, it’s just something that won’t diminish over time. I don’t just want to be here on this Earth roaming. I want to do more than exist. I want to live life, I want to leave my mark, I want to be remembered. I tend to think of this from time to time…ask yourself what do you want to be remembered for and how do you want others to remember you?

Like Kanye West said “Give people the flowers while they can still smell them!”



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