New Favorite Couple…Joe Budden & Kaylin Garcia

26 Sep

Mood God & Ratchet Knowles are my new favorite couple…if you’re not up to speed on who I’m talking about, I’m referring to rapper Joe Budden and Hip Hop Dancer/Zumba Instructor Kaylin Garcia. Now I am a huge fan of Joe and have been since he first came out and was signed to Def Jam Records, so naturally I just couldn’t resist writing about him and his new lady, they are just so lovable! Whether it’s following them on Twitter, Instagram or tuning in during their BlogTV sessions you can always catch a glimpse of their passion, love and affection for one another. After meeting at one of Joe’s infamous summer pool parties in June the couple seems to be inseparable, which I think is the cutest thing. Through their many pictures it shows how playful, fun, supportive and affectionate they are for one another. Seeing the pairs pictures they look like this union was just meant to be. Of course some of Joe’s fans love this and then you have those who don’t because they love when he’s going through it because how it affects his music, such as his famous OLS (Ordinary Love Shit I, II, III). It’s actually quite funny how he responds to those via Twitter who hate on him & Kaylin’s relationship. Don’t mess with his baby girl cause he will not hesitate to tell you the unfollow button didn’t go anywhere lol. I believe what they have most people eventually want, it’s nice to get a glimpse of what they share. They are truly partners. Kaylin definitely hold’s Joe down, always by his side at his shows, in the studio, chilling  out on the patio, on the deck, having DJ competitions on blogtv or just hanging around the house. The basis of their relationship is an example of how significant others should be, I’m glad they don’t allow others to dictate their relationship and that they don’t care what others think. Their love is so genuine. I personally love seeing them together all lovey dovey and wish them both the best in their future

The infamous Kaylin Garcia aka Ratchet Knowles aka Young Ratchet looking stunning

Known for her Blonde Mohawk, which everyone loves…it is dope!

Joe’s pool party where they first met =)

Joe & Kaylin having fun dancing on the patio

Joe & Kaylin Poolside

Matching Burberry bottoms

They look great together

Ride or die type of love…fly together

Looking like a Brown Sugar moment in the park =)



Writing Muse


Speaks for itself



A shot from Emanny’s “I Messed Up” video feat. Joe Budden to be released tonight at 6 p.m.

These are just a few pictures of the many, didn’t wanna seem like a creep lol…honestly though I don’t see how you can’t love this couple!

If you want to really get a glimpse of them follow them on Twitter, Instagram and view them on blogtv sometimes


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