Wreckless Inspiration

17 Sep

 Protect your dreams

I know I have been gone for a while but I am back! I’ve missed blogging and It is now time to get back to work =). First form of business, I want to inspire you all of course! I want to let everyone know, if you have a dream or you have a goal you want to achieve, anything you want to do, you can do it. Never allow someone else to take YOUR dream and disregard it. Anything you put your mind to, you can do it. I know that sounds cliché but believe me it’s the truth! Patience, patience, patience and more patience. Don’t expect your dreams to come into fruition overnight. At times we see others success and we yearn for our dreams to come to life as theirs did but we just see the glitz and glamour not all the trials and tribulations that they went through to have gained their success. People will tell you no, you will have failures, people will even think you’re crazy but don’t give up. Learn, grow, and be innovative to create your own route for your baby. Today we are a society who has the world at our fingertips, everything is literally just about a click away. I recently graduated with my Bachelors degree and that was a goal for me, at times it was tough and I was doubtful but I kept pushing no matter what was going on in my life. I stayed focused, dedicated, and I sacrificed in order to get to this point. Now don’t misunderstand, this point is just a stepping stone to get where I want to be, it’s still a journey that must be taken in order to reach the achievements I’m striving for. With that being said, overall you have a dream(s) and in order to fulfill that dream in entirety you start off by setting goals. Make short-term goals that are achievable over time and before you know it your dream that started out as just a little idea will be far beyond what your beautiful mind could ever imagine. Their will always be people who try to distract you from your dreams/goals and the best way to prove them wrong is to stay persistent, focused, take risk and you will have to be willing to make major sacrifices in order to get what you want. Choose to now allow fear or laziness or any other reason be a crutch for you to settle in life period. Strive 100% for whatever it is that your soul desires. I’ll leave you with this last thing, imagine you wanting it so bad that it’s like your oxygen, without it you can’t live. If you can’t imagine doing anything else in life and completely being purely satisfied you’re probably selling yourself short of your own destiny. Take your dream, protect it and make it your reality!



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