New Male Releases

17 Jul

MCIMPRINT has released his latest single “Infection” feat. Lauren Coleman off of his next up and coming project, which name has not been released yetAlways giving you a taste of that west coast feel while spitting that positivity on this song, I really like the feel to this track. Now I’m just waiting for the release of the video!

You can purchase this single on iTunes…Support Independent Artist!

“Lend me your ear, and I’ll give you my heart// let’s take a walk, talk, I’ll teach you how to shine when it dark// and to make a flame from a spark// and to take that needle out your arm// and turn your pain into art, BOY!// I ain’t preachin, this motivational speaken// rise up// Cast your dreams at them demons, you can beat um// to all my brothas in the presinct// and my sista’s that are knee-deep, and they sinkin//See them stars?// together we can reach them! Uh!”


Singer Mario Barrett has released a new song titled “Recovery” no say if this will be on an album or mixtape but either way I’m loving it as usual. Mario never seems to disappoint me musically, he’s always putting something out that just leaves you captivated and leaving you wanting more with that voice. It’s no different this time with the highest dose of his sexy tone and high notes he is def recovering some ladies. Wonder what Mario has up his sleeve, I’m watching…

Ray Lavender has released his 3rd single “Hustla” feat. Rick Ross. The more Hip Hop record is a bit different from what Ray usually does but it’s a cool track, and he is def still giving you those high notes. I ain’t gon lie I’m still stuck on “We Love” check them both out

Jeremih has released a single “Keep It Moving” feat. Marcus Fench from his upcoming mixtape Late Nights. It’s a real chill type of track, of Jeremih rapping and singing melodies. Check it out below


2 Responses to “New Male Releases”

  1. MC IMPRINT July 17, 2012 at 5:22 PM #

    Thanks for the love and continued support 🙂 Really appreciate you!

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