Steel Magnolias Remake

9 Jul

Back in October there was some chit-chat going on about this film, well it’s in the works and almost here! The trailer was released for the up and coming remake of the late 1980’s movie “Steel Magnolias.” The all-black cast will be based out of Louisiana and airing on Lifetime. The film features Executive Producer Queen Latifah as M’Lynn, Alfred Woodard as Ouiser, Phylicia Rashad as Clairee, Jill Scott as Truvy, Adepero Oduye as Annelle, and Condola Rashad as Shelby. The male co-stars will include Lance Gross, Michael Beasley, and Tory Kittles. Click the link below and watch the trailer, let me know what you think…

Steel Magnolias

Executive Producer Queen Latifah

Cast: (Left-right) Alfred Woodard, Phylicia Rashad, Jill Scott, Adepero Oduye, and Condola Rashad

Lance Gross

Michael Beasley 

Tory Kittles

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this movie soon!



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