Jennifer Hudson & Terrance Howard in “Winnie”

25 Jun

I don’t know what everyone else is talking about but the newly released trailer for the Winnie Mandela biopic movie looks like it’s going to be pretty good to me. I almost forgot it was just a preview for a minute I got so caught up in it. I was actually just thinking about this movie the other day wondering when it was going to be released, guess I got my answer! “Winnie” directed by Darrell Roodt will be starring Jennifer Hudson with the leading role as Winnie Mandela, Terrence Howard as South African apartheid leader Nelson Mandela and Elias Koteas who plays De Vries a cop who tries to stop Winnie Mandela. In 2011 the film was shown at the Toronto Film Festival where it didn’t receive great reviews and critics weren’t to excited about Jennifer Hudson playing the role of Winnie Mandela, as well as Terrence Howard playing her husband either. The movie is being set for a Fall release displaying Winnie Mandela’s childhood, marriage and Mandela’s imprisonment along with her own in solitary confinement for a year. This movie looks like it gets into the roots and soul of the Mandela’s story but I’ll let you be the judge of that!


2 Responses to “Jennifer Hudson & Terrance Howard in “Winnie””

  1. Alex July 4, 2012 at 2:10 PM #

    I must agree with the Blog, this movie is very good and well acted by Jennifer Hudson. The song at the end of the Trailer makes this movie just that good. I notice the Trailer is over 4 minutes, but it is still good just my opinion. I do not know why the hate for the actors and the movie. Directors such as Darrell J. Roodt have a right to pick who he want to act in his films. I predict great things for hudson again when award season approaches.

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