MCIMPRINT Bringing The West Coast Back To Hip Hop!

21 Jun

“As far as my sobriety, my family, friends, and fans are who motivate and influence me to stay sober. Seeing how I inspire people to want to get clean, or how I give people hope that their family member might turn their life around, is priceless! That’s why I do this!”

MC IMPRINT, ever heard of him? Yes, No well here’s your chance to get a little familiar with the California native. Brett Guidry known as MC IMPRINT was raised in Seal Beach, California by his parents and with one older brother. Sounds like the life right? Well I’m assuming it was until MC Imprint’s father passed away and at an early age led MC IMPRINT, to a life in the streets and to drugs where he thought he would find alleviation. Over the years that lifestyle consumed his life, which led to it becoming an even worse situation for MC IMPRINT. While battling the justice system for his freedom from a six-year sentence, was when MC IMPRINT hit that turning point in his life. Hip Hop saved MC IMPRINT’S life. Realizing that he had to make a change, while in rehab writing is what got him through, which he turned his writing into his career choice of becoming a rapper in the music industry.

MC IMPRINT was always a fan of music, inspired by other artist such as Biggie and most recently J.Cole. MC IMPRINT released his first album January of last year, “First Impression” produced by The Optimist. Off that album he’s released two videos “Dancing In The Shadows” feat. Matt Embree and “Sidelines” feat. Lauren Coleman. MC IMPRINT is currently in the works of releasing his third video and single “Infection,” which will be released soon. He has won the West Coast Power 106 Who’s Next contest and will be performing at Power House this Saturday. Fairly a new artist, MC IMPRINT is making moves, grinding hard and building up his reputation. He has opened up for artists such as Tyler The Creator, J.Cole and will be sharing the stage with Snoop Dogg, Young Jeezy, and T.I. He has been interviewed on multiple radio shows such as Power 106 FM, K Beach Global Grind, Jordan Brown Radio, and more. He was the L.A. winner for Battle Of The Best out of 3,000 to open up for J.Cole. Personally, I love the fact that he has that Hip Hop sound that just makes me nod my head when I hear his music; I think he really captures that Hip Hop sound and gives you that feel.

I have had the opportunity to interact with MC IMPRINT and I have to say he is a really cool guy. I was actually first introduced to his music and story by a mutual friend of ours that MC IMPRINT grew up knowing and I go to college with. It wasn’t until I had a group project for my Artist Management class where we have to pick an artist and pitch him to a label that I really learned more in-depth about MC IMPRINT and who is as an artist. He has great drive, potential and his journey is truly an inspiration for others. With that, I would like to thank him for giving me the opportunity to work with him. I also want to congratulate him on all of his success and commend him on his sobriety. MC IMPRINT can definitely be a huge inspiration for a lot of others out there dealing with or have dealt with similar situations. Stay motivated and continue to be as humble as you are. Keep pushing until you reach every goal and good luck this Saturday rocking the stage at PowerHouse!!!

Go to Itunes and download MC IMPRINT’s CD “The First Impression”


MC IMPRINT & Omarion

MC IMPRINT Performing this Saturday 

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