New Music & Videos

18 Jun

Shia Labeouf has been trending all over Twitter since early this morning because of the Sigur Ros video “Fjogur piano”, which by the way is a graphic video and viewers discretion is strongly advised. This very indulging video will have you engulfed in it from the beginning to the end as Labeouf is striped bare along side Denna Thomsen. The video was written and directed by Alma Har’el. If people can get past Shia‘s genitalia, I think they will see this video is really an artsy peace and I love that about it. Nice to see Shia Lebouf venturing out  and in a different light! O and might I add Shia Labeouf is so hot! lol

Dawn Richard if you don’t know the name you better get with it. Dawn is coming with it in this video!! With this single and second video “Automatic” she is letting everybody know she’s here and she’s coming hard. Independent and doing her thing. If you haven’t heard the mixtape “Armor On” head over to iTunes and support independent music and artist. I must say I love this song & video!

Usher coming with the sexy song and video “Lemme See” ft. Rick Ross. I never get tired of this man, he’s like fine wine he just gets better with time! lol but no doubt Usher just has that it factor about him and all the ladies love it. I don’t have to explain much about this veteran, just watch the video and listen to the song and you’ll remember exactly what I’m talking about!

Melanie Fiona and J.Cole are bringing sex appeal all to the screen with her single “This Time.” Finally a video to this song, which I love, they both killed this track and I definitely love the idea for this song and the styles Melanie was rocking. Check it out!


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