Happy Father’s Day!

17 Jun

Happy Father’s Day to all the father’s out there! I hope that you all are enjoying this time with one another and cherishing every moment. Days like this are  bittersweet for me, they really make me miss my father and grandfather greatly, may they continue to rest in peace. With that being said I was blessed with another male figure in my life who stepped up to the plate as my father and who I love and admire very much. I know that I am very fortunate and blessed to have the chance to have had multiple positive male role models in my life. As a young woman, through them I have learned so much about men, relationships, and life in general. To me my father is the definition of what a man is and should be. He is not perfect nor does he pretend to be but he is there if and whenever his children need him and no words could ever explain the love I share for him. I often think if my dad could tell me, he would say that he approves of my father and since he cannot be here he wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to step in and be the father that he has been to me. So with that being said cherish who ever it is that has been that positive male role model and figure in your life that has helped guide you along the way and don’t let today be the only day out of the year that you let them know how much you appreciate them. Hope you all enjoy the remainder of your day!



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