Jill Scott: VH1 Storytellers

22 May

“I’m a lot of things. I am a singer. I am a writer. But, I’m also an actor and I’m a poet and I approach my creativity in a way that encompasses all of that stuff. As a woman nobody is just one thing. Tonight, it’s going to be a little sexy, and little funny, a little classy, a little moving. This is the way I tell stories,” says Jill Scott in her opening for VH1 Storytellers.

Last night soul singer Jill Scott’s VH1’s Storytellers aired and the live performances that she put on were impeccable at the Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom in New York City. Twitter was going crazy last night as she became a trending topic about the show she put on. Performing some of her greatest songs like “Golden,” “This Is The Way,” “He Loves Me,” “Come See Me,” “Getting In The Way,” and so many more. To top it off she had a character for each song, with a little role-playing and wardrobe changes to match. Over the past 12 years Jill has been giving us nothing but the best music and story’s of love and heartbreak and I must say I am so glad my mother introduced me to quality music like this as I was growing up, she is such a positive influence. My favorite segment of the show was her “He Loves Me” performance and the audience questions to her, which is below. Check out this talented Philly soulstress I guarantee her beautiful, positive, kind spirit will give you life!


Getting In The Way

Come See Me

The Fact Is (I Need You)

He Loves Me

The Way

Jill Scott Audience Questions

If you missed it you can watch the entire show on VH1 Storytellers or check the VH1 channel to see when it’s airing again. Of course they’re were many more songs performed if your into soul music I recommend this. If you’re not into soul music I recommend this lol Jill Scott is so AWESOME!! 🙂


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