Who Is Jhene Aiko?

22 May

I’ve been a fan of Jhene since I was about 12 years old, which was around the time she was signed with Chris Stokes T.U.G/Epic Records on multiple B2K albums and appeared in many videos. She had an album “No L.O.V.E”  that never got released, which I was mad about back then cause I wanted that album soooo bad lol. One of my favorite songs off that album was a snippet I heard of “Gonna Love You Anyway.” Either way this L.A native never gave up on her dreams. Jhene a singer, songwriter and poet has built an even bigger fan base and has been hitting us all with hot track after track. “Sailing Soul(s)” her mixtape that dropped last March received great reviews and is still going strong over a year later. I’m actually listening to it as I write this, If you haven’t heard it you’re missing out so you should download it; love this mixtape!! Jhene is definitely not new to the industry but she did just sign a deal with Grammy Award Winning producer No I.D’s label Artium Recordings who distributes through Def Jam. Her Debut album titled “Soul(ed) Out” is set to be released later this year. Recently she dropped her first single off her upcoming album “2 seconds,” which has been having her fans all over vibing, as well as continuously catching the attention of new ones. Jhene also has another song and teaser “3:16” that everyone is eager to get their hands on so keep an eye out for that. Jhene is genuinely a real, honest girl who’s all about spreading love & positivity, while embracing life and all it has to offer, being who she is and always staying true to self!

Single listen below: 2 seconds


Free Download Mixtape below: 


Website: http://jheneaiko.com/


Peace & Love

“My Mine” off of “Sailing Soul(s)” Mixtape

“3:16” Teaser

Mean Mug Face lol

Jhene & Joe Budden

Big Sean & Jhene

As you can see she’s all about living a fun & joyful life who wouldn’t want that type of influence in life? So if you’re not familiar with her, I’m more than glad to introduce you to Jhen Aiko recommend you get familiar with the name!

Find out more about Jhene below:






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