Love & Music

16 May

I stumbled across this artist a few months back and I have been hooked every since. Thanks to Twitter, it really is a great source! V.A. artist singer, songwriter and producer, Terry “Tsoul” Pinkard has had my heart for the past few months with that raspy soulful voice of his. I can’t get enough of his rifts and keys playing, it just does something to my being. If you ever thought soul music was fading out his voice has definitely resurrected it. If you have not heard of him trust me this is one artist you will want to get familiar with. With his extensive fan base not only here in the U.S. but abroad, as well you can search all over Youtube and find covers that he will change your whole perspective on. Tsoul is guaranteed not to let you down when it comes to getting your soul moving, I promise you you’ll feel his passion. He’ll have you closing your eyes at least once, shaking your head and playing any song his voice graces more than once. Traveling city to city, overseas and back performing you will be craving to see Tsoul live. I have yet to catch one of his shows but soon as he performs in a city near me I am in there. Until then I guess his funny and inspirational tweets, CD‘s and Youtube videos will have to do. This is an up and coming artist that will always leave you wanting more and more. He definitely has me hooked and snagged lol

Released on Mother’s Day over a half a million views all over the web: Tsoul & Spoken Reasons


Also support his Christmas Album:

Some of his many videos:

Tsoul performing live in DC at Indulj

Tsoul Time square NYC

Cover: Tsoul – Taman – Jaidus

The videos that hooked me: 

Cover by Tsoul- Anhayla- Lela Bizz

Tsoul Ready Love/ Say Yes cover

I could keep posting but just visit Tsoul’s Youtube and watch all his videos…it’ll keep you in a zone!

To stay informed with Tsoul and everything he’s up to:






This man will have you near tears for no reason lol Love him 🙂


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