B*star & StarTUNES On The Grind!

1 May

19 year old rapper/singer/engineer from the BX, Brian Ramos also known as B*star released his video yesterday for his second single “Confused Conscious” directed by Tahkyia Brady-Willis, from his debut mixtape “.evoL” released February 14, 2012. Inspired in life by his mother, his friends and his love for art in general, he has been heavily influenced musically by artist such as Kanye West, Michael Jackson, The Dream, Jay-Z, Prince and Chris Brown. At the age of 12, B*star started writing his own rhymes “I knew once I put my pen on that paper that this was my love.” The first album he ever bought was Kanye West’s “College Dropout.” This college student has been working hard in the industry trying to get his name and music out there. Along with his partner Tunes, from their team StarTunes, who is also a songwriter, B*star also released a mixtape before his debut titled “Bright Future, Dark Thoughts Vol. 1” these StarTUNES artists are definitely putting in work nonstop.

Yesterdays Release: Confused Conscience

First single: Don’t You Let Me Go

To download: http://startunes.bandcamp.com/

“.evoL isn’t only a mixtape. .evoL is a feeling. It’s a feeling of confusion, love, anger, happiness, and excitement. I made this project in a confusing time in my life (I’m still confused though), and let my thoughts run free. This is my journal. This project is what my mind is like. Random as hell. Enjoy.”

Download: Bright Future, Dark Thoughts Vol. 1


B*star in the studio 

B*star & Tunes

B*star & Tunes on the set of “Way To0 Late” video shoot

To get more info about this highly motivated up and coming artist and his team, here are the links:








Check them out!


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