Adult Mixtape???

25 Apr

Ok so Brain Mcknight wants to come out with an adult mixtape. If you have not heard Brian Mcknights “supposedly” new song “If You’re Ready To Learn”…. here is a link to it: 

So now…I am a fan of Brian Mcknight, I love his music but in my opinion I feel like this will be a huge mistake!! I clearly understand where he’s coming from wanting to experiment and try a different style, but I think if he puts out music like the song he’s singing on this video it’s going to devalue him as an artist. He has built a life long career in the music industry and I think it’s coming from the fact that he’s trying to enter back into the industry and may be feeling like if he isn’t as vulgar and raunchy as some artists are or singing songs like he’s been hearing from younger artists and how they are singing songs he won’t be able to compete. Truth be told he’s in a whole different bracket than other artist with the years of experience he has.He can write sex songs without all that extra. I really don’t know what’s on his medulla but what I do know is that he can still make music of substance and great content without having to degrade his artistry. Stay true to your humanness and your art, you can still switch up your style and be hot without being ratchet…that’s not you B!

I’m a just take this as a joke! I got an awesome laugh out of this…April fools joke for the end of the month huh? lol that’s a good 1, I can’t with him smh 


2 Responses to “Adult Mixtape???”

  1. Dominique Onè Brown April 25, 2012 at 11:27 PM #

    0_o huh

    • rileyrozs April 25, 2012 at 11:37 PM #

      Chiiiilllllle did u watch the video? smh yes that’s what he said…I don’t even know what an adult mixtape is…it sound like porn lol literally it sound like he was singing porn…He better get his life -_-

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