“Stone Woman” by: Riley Rozs

23 Apr

“Stone Woman”

I see her everyday and she always looks the same,

Just like an Egyptian tomb artifact she never changes,

Never speaks a word and for some reason is always alone,

Sticks out like a black rose in a all pink flowered garden,

Beauty unremarkable like nothing I’ve ever seen,

Dark brown eyes so deep and rich,

With long lashes that compliment,

Always staring out in to nowhere like she’s waiting for something,

Hair that fits the structure of her face,

Long or short even mid length,

Skin looks and feels soft as butter,

Lips of a goddess so perfect and luscious,

A smile that makes my heart want to explode in to a million pieces,

Anytime I’m having a bad day I’ll just walk by her,

This woman was sculpted the way she was intended to be,

No person would ever notice any of her flaws,

The imperfections of her body she holds with such grace,

If she walked the way her body could sway,

Whatever man that has laid eyes on her should praise her for all that she is,

A woman who would have no limits from where I stand,

Complete with love and compassion,

Ambitious, strong willed and full of laughter,

She would be the perfect example of heliocentric for my wife,

I visit her everyday, Oh how I wish she noticed me,

I know she would be the only one for me,

But she always keeps her head up high,

Still as a tree bark never moving not even with the slightest breeze,

I stand in front of her wishing she was authentic,

It pains me to know that everything I dream of her is not realistic,

It’s not her fault she is not to blame,

Why she has a black heart made of concrete,

For this is the way she has become due to life’s outcome,

That made her in to a solid statue like a woman of stone.

This is a poem I wrote a while ago that I really love. I wanted to share it with you all. I hope you all will enjoy this and take away your own interpretations and or message from this!

~Wreckless Love


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